Allwood Living has some exciting new options for you. We are increasing our focus on oiled finishes to our furniture. Extensive research and experimentation has been done to provide high quality oil finishes that are amongst the best available. We offer general oil finishes that enhance timber colours and features right through to some of the highest quality furniture oil available in the world.

Osmo oil finishes are hailed as superior in nearly every way and will protect against many years of wear and tear (depending on product and use) without recoating.

The use of oil finishes also enables us to ensure our manufacturing processes have a minimal impact on the environment - our oil products are entirely natural. We are an official distributor of Osmo oil products and stock a large range for direct sale. We can supply all your Osmo oil needs.

All furniture still comes with our industry leading guarantee, but please be aware that timbers other than select, and finishes other than 2 pack will not perform to the same standard as their alternative. Please see our guarantee details for further information.

Something we have spent considerable time and experimentation on are quality kitchens. In an industry leading move, we are offering a lifetime guarantee on our kitchens (Terms and Condition's apply). We are very confident in the quality of both our materials and workmanship. Our 'lifetime' kitchens are unique to us and have certain requirements imposed to ensure they will perform as we claim. Please ask us for further details.

We are very proud of the broad range of products and services we offer and are pleased to include outdoor / garden furniture. Everything from alfresco dining settings through to garden bench seats. As with our shift in recent years to consider our environmental impact, all outdoor pieces are finished in Osmo's superior UV stabilised oil that will ensure excellent durability, even in harsh environments. Please note that reapplication of the finish is still required at regular intervals, but is a very simple process.

In the past, Allwood Living has focussed on finely finished furniture with quality 2 pack finishes to ensure all its furniture looks as good in years to come as it did when you purchased it. Now we have expanded our range to include recycled timbers. We also offer the use of feature grade timbers that gives character to the appearance, while not having the typical appearance of recycled / used timber.

Special Offers

We currently have an extensive supply of 25mm Qld Silver Ash and Jarrah. Qld Silver Ash is a great blonde colour timber and has renowned durability and stability. Our Jarrah timber is of great quality and also has a very traditional colour and appearance, something that has been hard to come by in recent years. This timber has a 25% discount which can add up to a considerable saving. Please ask us for further details and how this special offer can work for you.