Allwood Living has been using Osmo oils in our manufacturing processes since 2013. We have been very impressed with the quality and their range and started distributing the entire Australian range in 2015. We are sure you will be just as satisfied with their products as we are. Interior or exterior, clear or tinted as well as care products, you will find the range is very comprehensive.

We stock both interior and exterior timber products and also have a comprehensive range of care products as well. If we don't stock the product you want, we can usually have it in 2 - 3 working days. Osmo launched several new products in 2018 that expanded their after care range and also applcation products. Now in 2019 there are several new oil products that include Chopping Board oil and also an extension of their successful Top Oil range, now availble in colours. Osmo Australia has also recently had the indoor and outdoor anti slip products indepently tested to Australian Standards and now have certifaction for use in Australia. We have a range of product brochures / certificates that are available, please contact us and we can send you any brochures / certifcates you require.

Osmo's Wood Protector is highly recommended for wet areas like vanities as it increases protection from water damage enourmously, which will naturally increase it's longevity.

Osmo Oil is manufactured in Germany and renowned for its quality. It is one of the highest selling oil brands around the world and is based on all natural ingredients. Its contents consist of natural oils and waxes that allow the timber to breath. It's products penetrate the wood and protect from the inside out. Osmo products are guaranteed to never peel, flake or blister when applied properly and are easily maintained and cared for.

Osmo has a great anti slip oil for both interior and exterior applications. It is excellent in commercial / retail / dinning areas as well as pool decks and alfresco situations. The product is also available for indoor floor surfaces to ensure a safe floor environment. It is recommended for stair treads and adds that extra level of safety in daily use.

Osmo is renowned for its quality floor oil. It is an excellent alternative to floor lacquers, is hard wearing and very easy to maintain. Unlike polyurethane floor finishes, scratches can be repaired very quickly and easily. It's natural ingredients mean it is safe for all the family and your pets, including childrens play areas.

While mainly using interior oils, we have also used to great success exterior oils for our outdoor / garden furniture. We made a bench seat that was totally exposed to the elements and have been very happy with how it has performed. The Australian sun is very harsh on timber and with very simple routine maintenance it will perform to a very high standard. Osmo UV oil is also available in tinted colours and gives added protection with a choice 6 different colours.

Osmo deck oils are available in a range of tints. As usual, clear is the most popular but longevity is significantly extended if a tinted oil is used. Any product with a pigment helps enourmously in our harsh Austrlian envirnoment.

Allwood Living ensures detailed instructions are availble and can arrnage demondstations if required. As we use the product in our furniture processes we have many samples for your inspection and can even do some tests (depending on product needed) on your own timber to satisfy your needs. We carry a good range of stock and can satify most requirements on the spot. Please ring in advance to ensure we can help you in the best way possible.