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With a passion for timber, Allwood Living designs and manufactures custom made furniture of premium quality and distinctive style from our south east Melbourne factory. As is evident from the wide variety of styles and designs available, it is very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. With a comprehensive range of quality timbers, veneers, fittings, paints, stains, lacquers and oils from both Australian and international suppliers, your designs, styles and finishes are practically unlimited.

Allwood Living uses a variety of both traditional and modern construction techniques. Different methods are used in different areas of our work, but always have the same focus and end result - strength and durability. Regardless if the method is done by hand or machine, you can be assured it will stand the test of time. Typically our assembly methods are invisible, but we also use some alternative construction methods that have a focus on a traditional system with aesthetic appeal.

Over the years, not only have we have taken great pride in our work, but have also focussed more and more on ensuring each piece will outlast and outperform your expectations. We endeavour to custom make all furniture specifically for you and your lifestyle to ensure your long term satisfaction.

With a guarantee of high quality and commitment to detail, Allwood Living's premium design and manufacturing services are impressive. Designed for your lifestyle, your custom furniture will look like new for years to come. We offer solid colour, stained, lacquered and oiled finishes and can assure you of a professional colour match when required. Complimenting the look and feel of your home and lifestyle is something we pride ourselves on.

All furniture is made exclusively for you and as a customer you expect not only a good product, but good service as well. Allwood Living makes every effort to meet our customers requirements to ensure their custom made furniture is finished exactly as they want. Your satisfaction is the key to our success and industry recognition.

While our main focus is furniture, quality kitchens are also part of our broad range. We design and manufacture kitchens in a unique way and use our years of furniture making expertise to ensure our kitchens are durable, practical and stylish. We are 100% confident with the quality of our kitchens and couple them with a lifetime guarantee, something you will not find easily. If your considering a new kitchen, don't hesitate to inquire about an Allwood Living kitchen and why one will impress for decades to come.

Want a good deal?

From time to time we offer some special prices when we are able to source our materials and hardware at discounted prices, the savings can be significant. Please check our What's New page and see what is currently available.